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District Information

The District

The Laurens-Marathon School District is a rural district located in North-West Iowa composed of the communities of Laurens (population 1476) and Marathon (population 302.)  Our school is located in Laurens with all grades located in one building. The communities of Laurens and Marathon take great pride in our school as evidenced by their willingness to support the school and its programs. Here are a few examples of how the communities supported our school and its programs: 

  • 1993- A building project was completed with extensive remodeling to our facility. Both an elementary and middle school/high school media center were a result of this project.   

  • 1997- Our community again showed their support with a bond measure that passed for construction of a new gymnasium, locker rooms, a multi-purpose room, vocal room, and an instrumental music room. 

  • 2004- The school board re-instituted an instructional support levy for 5 years which generates significant funds for educational programs. 

  • 2008- The school board approved a $1.3 million energy update, included were a new boiler system, lighting, and new plumbing.

  • 2009- The school board again re-instituted an instructional support levy for 5 years which generates significant funds for educational programs. 

  • 2010- The school board approved an Apple 1:1 computer initiative for grades 6-12. 

  • 2017 - Fall of 2017 - Whole-grade sharing agreement -  Grades 9 through 12 attend Pocahontas Area Community School District.

  • 2020 Fall of 2020 - Whole-grade sharing agreement -  Grades 7 through 12 attend Pocahontas Area Community School District.

Vision Statement

The Laurens-Marathon school is a community learning center that enhances the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and the belief statements that maximize the success of the individual and the community. The district provides the leadership to implement the school's mission, beliefs, and essential learning. This task is completed by the employment of quality staff and their continual development. The district provides appropriate instruction, time, materials, technology, equipment and facilities for individuals to successfully compete in society. The learner demonstrates the defined essential learnings prior to graduation from high school. The mastery of these essential learnings is necessary to develop skilled, inquisitive, creative, self-confident, self-directed, contributing, and quality individuals prepared to lead America.

Belief Statements About Students and Learning

We Believe That: 

  • All students have a right and the opportunity to learn.

  • All students have individual differences and abilities that need to be addressed, so they can learn and succeed. 

  • All students need to come to school ready to learn, as learning is their responsibility and can be enhanced by a supportive environment at home and school. 

  • All students need to develop and demonstrate a sense of responsibility

Belief Statements About School and the School District

We Believe That: 

  • Education is the responsibility of the parent and the community, and therefore needs their involvement and support.

  • Schools must provide a safe and orderly environment in which inappropriate behaviors are addressed. 

  • Schools, to be most effective, need parents to expect their children to be accountable for their actions and learning.

  • The school needs to provide opportunities for students to acquire skills which allow success in post high school careers/education

  • Schools must provide professional development opportunities for employees. 

Education Philosophy

Education is a continuous process. The ultimate purpose of education is to help students become effective and responsible citizens of a democracy. As a school corporation of Iowa, the Laurens-Marathon Community School District, acting through its Board of Directors, is dedicated to promoting equal opportunity for a quality public education to enrolled students. Students of this community have the right to participate in a formal education utilizing their students' present understandings in helping them learn how to live now and equip them with tools and skills to live in the future.


The Laurens-Marathon Community Schools shall provide resources and educational programs that will enable a progressive and broadening program of general education to meet the academic, vocational, health, personal, and emotional needs of students. The programs offered are to provide the students to develop to their fullest potential, and encourage a maturing sense of social and civic responsibility.


It is the responsibility of the Laurens-Marathon Community Schools to see that students achieve the following essential learnings upon high school graduation. Communication-Students will be able to demonstrate skills that allow for an effective exchange of ideas and information utilizing reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Technology-Students will demonstrate a basic knowledge and practical application of current technology. Problem Solving/Critical Thinking-Students will identify problems, gather information, evaluate consequences, and make a timely informed decision.

Dependability-Students will exhibit self-motivated behavior that leads to completion of clearly defined expectations. Social Responsibility-Students will make responsible decisions regarding self, family, society, environment, and career. Global Responsibility-Students will develop an understanding of the global nature of society and the interdependence of the world's diverse cultures and people. Creativity-Students will appreciate and use creativity to enrich their lives and the lives of others.

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